Model No. MLA 215S - FDB

MLA 215S

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The LA215S is a dual 15″ low frequency enclosure designed túi lv nam siêu cấp for sub-bass reinforcement to MLA210, made of high quality plywood. MLA215S-IP46 is finished with polyurea waterproof paint, uses special finished components and spare parts, can accord with IP46 standard of GB4208.

●Compact vented sub-bass
●Direct radiating 2×15” (460mm) woofer
●High temperature 4” (100mm) voice coil
DRIVERS2×15″(385mm)/4″voice coil LF
RATED POWER1200W RMS,4800W peak
SENSITIVITY101dB 1watt/1 metre
MAXIMUM SPL132 dB continuous,138 dB peak
IMPEDANCE4 ohms nominal
PACKAGE SIZE860mm×770mm×550mm
NET WEIGHT53.8 kg/pc
GROSS WEIGHT60.2 kg/pc